Why IdaraTech

An All-in-One HR Solution Managing & Supporting

  • Real-time attendance using biometrics.
  • Employee Location Monitoring
  • Payroll
  • Integrating with government platforms such as Mudad and GOSI
  • Employees' Digital profile
  • Leave Management
  • Request Management
  • Scheduling
  • Work Chat
  • Letters generations and documents
  • Performance and evaluations

Centralized Data Management

Centralize Your HR Information, Empower Your Efficiency: Choose IdaraTech!

We provide a centralized database to store and manage employee data, ensuring easy access and accurate record-keeping.

Automation & Streamlined Processes

Unlock Productivity: Automate and Streamline HR Processes with Ease!

We help you automate various HR processes such as payroll calculations, leave management and performance evaluations to reduce manual effort and increase efficiency.

Mobile Accessibility

Manage HR on the Go : Take HR Management Anywhere with Mobile Access!

IdaraTech- Best HR software company in Saudi Arabia, providing a responsive interface for employees and managers to access HR-related information and perform tasks on their smartphones or tablets.

All-in-One HR Solutions

IdaraTech is the Complete HR Solution Encompassing Essential Features to Manage All Your HR Demands!

  • Employee’s Digital profile

    Every employee has a digital profile that includes personal documents such as IDs, driving licenses, and health insurance. Also, the digital profile contains work contracts and assets.

  • Work Chat

    Communication at its best: enhancing teamwork with the best employee communication software in Saudi Arabia.

  • Biometrics

    Secure access, seamless experience: transforming employee authentication with the best time tracking software in Saudi Arabia.

  • Employee Location Monitoring

    Let your teams communicate and connect with the best employee location tracking system in Saudi Arabia.

  • Payroll

    Streamline payroll processes and ensure timely and hassle-free salary disbursal with automated solutions without any delays!

  • Letters generations & documents

    Easily generate new compositions such as warning letters, letters of resignation, etc., via the app and the web platform.

  • Performance & evaluations

    Evaluate your employees based on assigned tasks or KPIs.

  • Scheduling

    Seamless employee scheduling systems: optimizing efficiency with intelligent scheduling systems.

  • Request Management

    Responsive and personalized: Employees request a positive work experience.

  • Integrating with government platforms such as Mudad & GOSI
  • Leave Management

    Leave application made easy: hassle-free approval process in the tool.

Empower your Organization and Create a Competitive Edge with IdaraTech!
Tailored HR Solutions

Unlock the Power of Tailored HR Management Solutions for Your Unique Business Needs!
Get your toolkit based on your unique business requirement. Your IdaraTech account carries every feature your organization needs and
adheres to its policies & structures. IdaraTech manages talent retention and engagement, employee training and development, payroll management and more.

  • Time-Savvy HR Solutions

    Automating routine operations of HR processes can save much of your time so that you can focus on the most critical aspect of your business- people! Our time-savvy solutions drive employee efficiency and save their precious hours. We design streamlined and automated HR processes for your organization, so you finish these traditional HR tasks quickly!

  • Optimizing Employee Experience

    Who hasn’t experienced the hassle of leave request approval, accessed pay slips, and reviewed policies? The micromanagement leaves an employee frustrated. IdaraTech offers an all-in-one platform for everything your employees need. IdaraTech is a comprehensive platform for integrating multiple HR functions and streamlining processes, and it contributes to a positive and rewarding employee experience.

  • Smart Decision-Making with IdaraTech

    The analytics and employee report helps you derive more informed decisions based on authentic data. IdaraTech gives you easy access to leave history, production reports, etc. Managing rosters and approving leaves hasn’t been this easy.

Revolutionize Your HR Operations with Our Game-Changing Solutions!