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Say bye-bye to guesswork and Hi to Employee Location Monitoring to know your team's whereabouts in real time. You need not worry! IdaraTech constantly keeps you informed about the live location of your employees.

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    Track Employee Location in a Breeze!

    How do you keep track of your employees when they are required to work remotely? IdaraTech can help you by automatically tracking your staff's GPS location through its employee location tracker system, saving you and their time.

  • Real-Time Insights into your Employee's Location

    You can now track your employee's location and job with a button right from your phone or work desk.

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    Monitor Employee Travels

    Now you can easily view your employee's travel routes, no matter how geographically dispersed your team has been! IdaraTech track your employees' location and update it throughout the day. This is why we are known to be the best employee location tracking system in Saudi Arabia.

  • Geofence Smart Alerts

    Ensure the presence of your employees at the right place and right time. Now you can relax peacefully while we alert you when your workers leave the work location during their shift hours.

    Assign specific locations to your team and prevent them from clocking in when not in range through the employee location tracker.

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    We Remind you if your Staff Forgets, Just in Case…

    It enables you to set automatic reminders for your staff. IdaraTech ensures that your employees are present at the right place and time.

  • Gather Valuable Insights

    Know exactly who's working where and for how long. We help you optimize your processes more effectively by giving you a big-picture view.

    Get to know the larger picture by optimizing the employee processes - who works where and for how long.

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    AI Face Recognition

    Our employee location tracking app's advanced AI face recognition technology allows them to tap and enter the workplace.

We have got you covered!

Save your time with the top employee location tracking system in Saudi Arabia.

Track your time now! It’s priceless !

frequently asked questions

Employee monitoring software is used for real-time updates of your team’s location. You can also track the GPS location of your remote team using an employee location tracker system. The employee’s travel route can also be evaluated without the internet using the geofencing feature.

The location of your remote and in-office teams can be easily tracked using the smart geofencing feature of our employee monitoring feature. Our smart employee monitoring program shall notify you when your workers leave the work location during their shift hours.