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Integrated with Mudad & GOSI

No matter how big your company is, the automation and integration that IdaraTech offers will always allow you to finish your payroll work in a matter of minutes!

IdaraTech payroll feature is integrated with Mudad, allowing you to send your WPS files directly to Mudad in the blink of an eye!

Integrating with Mudad permits your company to send the salaries on time and comply with Saudi Wages Protection System.

Empower your Business with Automated Payroll Systems

Say goodbye to the manual payroll system in Saudi Arabia and experience the power of efficient workforce management. Unlock efficiency and accuracy and embrace the future of AI-enabled payroll automation software.

  • Compliance with Wages Protection System(WPS)

    We ensure compliance with WPS and other Saudi Labor Laws. Our automated payroll processing system calculates late, absence and GOSI percentage deductions. Your employees working during the National Day of Saudi, the end of Ramadan, Eid Al-fitir and Eid Al-Adha would get overtime benefits as per Saudi law and company policy. They can also convert extra hours to overtime after the approval of the HR, finance, administrator or manager to avoid fraud.

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    Designed and Developed for Saudi Arabia

    Implemented in Saudi Arabia and deployed with an Arabic interface.

  • Overtime Requests

    Streamline overtime requests for a balanced and productive workforce. Keep your team on track and manage overtime like a pro with our HR request management system. Simplify demands with integrated payroll processing systems.

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    Our all-in-one HR superhero allows you to:

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      Facilitate mobile check-ins for your employees.

    • 2

      Manage employee leave requests, allowances, and history and prevent overlaps.

    • 3

      Automated payroll and bookkeeping processes with our exclusive payroll accounting integration.

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You can accurately calculate complex pay structures with our automated data entry systems. Our seamless and error-free AI-enabled payroll management software integrated with the employee self-service portal can enable employees to view their pay stubs, access their documents, and update their information to elevate employee engagement. Most importantly, IdaraTech is integrated with Mudad and GOSI platforms that offer accredited and accurate data and allow your company to run payroll efficiently. AI algorithms can also prevent financial losses and enhance payroll security by spotting payroll fraud.

Our automated payroll system facilitates mobile check-ins, simplifies employee requests with integrated payroll processing systems and seamlessly integrates payrolls and bookkeeping processes. It also allows employees to conveniently access the benefits of health insurance solutions through our app.

Our automated payroll management software efficiently manages the workforce by streamlining projects with timesheets. It complies with WPS, GOSI and calculates late and employee absence deductions. Its intelligent payroll software program saves time and reduces errors by extracting relevant information from various sources for preparing payrolls.

Our intelligent payroll management software complies with the WPS, GOSI, and other Saudi labor laws and seamlessly integrates payrolls with bookkeeping processes. Furthermore, it tracks, manages, and optimizes your resources by automating the payroll systems and combining them with the project and other resource management systems.

Our payroll automation software saves time and resources by reducing the risk of errors generated through manual payroll systems. Furthermore, it is a cutting-edge and comprehensive software that integrates all the resource and project management systems into a single HR software so that you don’t have to spend your valuable time and money on procuring each software for fulfilling your specific requirements.