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IdaraTech is a Software as a Service (SaaS) system proudly based and made in Saudi Arabia

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Integrated with
Mudad, GOSI

Integrations that protect your business from penalties and streamline your HR administration.

Time Tracking Attendance Software Powered With AI and Biometrics


Payroll Management Software and Wages Protection System(WPS)


Simplified Compliance Management


Integrated Platform

Tracking employee data is one of the major tasks of the HR team and is well performed by HR solutions software. After all who doesn't want a seamless and interactive user interface? IdaraTech is one of the largest HR software companies in Saudi Arabia, providing a centralized database of easily accessible and automated solutions for HR professionals.

Real-Time Employee Live Tracking

Track your employee's activities, location and performance in real-time with our geolocation technology.

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Clock-In & Clock-Out Biometrics

Transform your organization's time-tracking process by migrating to a time clock biometric system. Say goodbye to outdated methods like punch cards and Excel sheets and modernize your clocking system to align with the ever-growing demands of your business.


Simplified biometric identification systems

Attain organizational efficiency by streamlining your Time Tracking Software.You can now precisely maintain routine clock-in, clock -out and employee absence to ensure accuracy and transparency. The employees can access and modify their digital records while sitting in remote locations through our user-friendly cloud services.

Easy Configuration of Shift Management

You can seamlessly maintain and monitor scheduled tasks with up-to-date and real-time information. Schedules can be created and managed from a single location. Shift management can be customized by assigning hourly rates for every shift.

Customizable Solutions for Remote Employees

Empower your remote workforce to check in from any location through geo-fencing and IP-base configurations. Embrace flexibility in your organization through mobile and web-based check-in options.

Reporting and Analytics for Evaluating Efficiency

Our report and analytics feature can help you to stay updated and compare employees' performance and task status. You can even analyze their attendance records and job scheduling patterns to draw meaningful conclusions and make informed decisions.


Integrated with
Mudad, GOSI

Integrations that protect your business from penalties and streamline your HR administration.


Maximize your peace of mind and simplify your payroll with the payroll management software of IdaraTech! Streamline your remuneration processes precisely with the HR payroll system in Saudi Arabia.

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    Automated payroll calculations

    Reduces errors and ensures accuracy based on predefined rules, GOSI regulations, and employee data.

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    Integrated time & attendance systems

    Eliminates the need for manual data entry, minimizing errors and ensuring accurate calculation of employee wages by automatically importing work hours and attendance data.

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    Employee self-service portal

    Now, your employees can access their payroll information, view pay stubs and update these within seconds with the help of our self-service portals.

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    Payroll Automation & WPS

    IdaraTech payroll management software makes paying your employees more accessible than ever.
    - Regardless of the size of your company, you can start the payroll process, complete it and send it directly to Mudad or your bank within only a few minutes!

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Request Management

Empower Your Employees with an Efficient Employee Request Management System! Now your employees can handle their tasks with workflow automation and analytics. A customized request portal allows users to submit and track their requests in real time!

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    Centrally organized request management system

    Employees can track and manage their requests in a centralized location. Every request's timeline, status and owner are visible, and the entire request management system is managed in one place.

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    Employee self-service portals

    Your team would function more effectively if they were provided instructions on a knowledge -base portal to prevent ticket issuance.

Tasks & Projects

Simplify your workflow and streamline your request with employees' Request Management Software. Employee management software for small businesses redefining the modern workplace!

Assignment of workflows

Ensures requests are routed to appropriate members through Request Management Systems.

  • Assigning tasks and events are directly integrated with Apple Calendar and Android. Managers can easily create employee tasks and track their due dates and accomplishments. Learn More

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  • Accomplished tasks are connected with the performance of the employee. You can track your employee's performance by evaluating them based on their assigned tasks. Learn More

AI-enabled HR Management Solutions for Managing Multiple HR Processes in One Go!

Automate your time-consuming tasks to make intelligent decisions that save time and effort so you can focus on your most important resource- people!

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    Streamlining HR operations by integrating all HR functions on a centralized platform

    No need to log in to multiple systems! IdaraTech makes your HR processes for large companies hassle-free by streamlining employee records, performance data and other details in one place.

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    Real-time HR data for making informed decisions

    Access the latest information on headcount, turnover rates, and the like with our AI-enabled HR management solutions to make informed decisions on forecasting future staffing needs and identifying skill gaps.


Smart Time Tracking Solutions

Intelligent time-tracking software for employees seamlessly integrates with HR software, offering a user-friendly and cohesive experience for HR professionals and employees.

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    Easy remote tracking of employees' time

    GPS tracking systems for verifying employees' location while recording entries.

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    Assign Remote Working Shift

    You can Assign Working-Remotely shift to drivers, delivery employees, construction employees or any other employees needing to work outside the office!

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    Real-time Tracking & Notification

    If you enabled the employee monitoring feature from the company settings, you could track the location of all your employees, including the ones at the office. This feature benefits you if someone leaves the office without getting approval from the line manager. The line manager will get notified, and the employee will be forcefully clocked-out if did not return within the time limit!

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Employee Onboarding & Orientation

Welcome new hires and streamline onboarding and orientation processes with our employee onboarding and orientation software!


You can easily onboard many employees in one click! By importing an Excel sheet with all their data like salary details, IBAN, ID number, and phone number, an invitation email will be sent to all your employees in a matter of minutes!

Smart document management

Automated classification and documentation of information such as employment contracts.

Intelligent Scheduling Systems

Streamline your workforce management with our intuitive employee scheduling software. Effortlessly track employee hours, manage shifts and control costs with our online employee scheduling software.

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    Automated scheduling systems

    Online employee scheduling software in Saudi Arabia for creating schedules based on skills, availability and priority to reduce the risk of conflicts and save employees time.

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    Scalability & customization

    Customized to fit the personalized employee needs and offering scalable solutions for their requirements related to multi-location scheduling, skill-based assignments and shift rotations.

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Integration of Labour Law & Wage Protection System

  • AI & Automation

    to comply with the Saudi labor rules have been implemented, such as deducting lateness and absences, wages for working overtime or during Eid and official holidays, GOSI deductions from employees’ salaries, and end-of-service benefits.

  • Electronic salary transfer

    Transfer of employee salaries by an approved financial institution registered with the WPS. You can transfer the wages directly to Mudad through the technical integration between IdaraTech and Mudad.

IdaraTech has been constructed to follow the needs of the Saudi labor field. It has been designed to follow the rules of the Ministry of Labor of Saudi Arabia.

Work Chat

Revolutionize your workplace communication with our innovative work chat software! Effortlessly collaborate and unify your team with our remote work chat software.

Instant messaging

Instant messaging facilities allow employees to send text messages, share files and collaborate in real-time workplace communication software.

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Mobile accessibility

Employees can stay connected on their smartphones or tablets with team communication software in Saudi Arabia.

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